Call for people from marginalised communities

Hi, time for an update, we have three shoots completed, and two more in the pipeline.

For the final few we are looking for people who are from marginalised communities, such as those who have a disability, or from an ethnic/social background which is marginalised e.g. asylum seekers, members of the travelling/roma community.

If you are interested please email us:

If you have a friend who may be interested, please let them know

First filming completed

Hi everyone, we are still getting all of our bits and pieces sorted over here, thanks for all your interest. If we haven’t gotten back to you already, we will get there soon, the response was a little overwhelming.

But we have started already, and can’t wait to start showing everyone the true face of Dublin cyclists.

Thanks in particular to the lovely Lucille Redmond who let us make all of our initial mistakes on her.

Get in touch if you want to get involved!

Casting call for cyclists

In conjunction with the cycling conference Velo-City 2019 we are creating a project that seeks to humanise the cyclists of Dublin. We want to show the face of our cycling community, and particularly those of us who are atypical cyclists.

We (Shane, Janet, and Gareth) are trying to make the Cyclists of Dublin a little more human to the other road users we are sharing our space with. In the short term that will mean doing video portraits of cyclists, and in particular atypical cyclists.

This has two purposes, we sense that other road users may be less likely to try to run us down if they think that we are real people and not just cyclists.

Secondly, we want to profile atypical cyclists to allow those who are from non-typical communities to identify with people who cycle. In Dublin the vast majority of cyclists are middle-classed, middle-aged, straight white men etc. so we are trying to find people from out side that box to work with.

We’re are looking for such people, who are willing to talk about a part of Dublin that they love, or that is important to them, while we film them. The commitment would be a few hours some day in May. Then the end of June we’ll have an event that they can come to (along with lots of others).

If it is a thing that you think you might be interested in doing, let me know. And if not, if you can think of anyone else we can reach out to who may fit the bill (on ethnicity, gender, class, age) who you think could be interested, please let us know, thanks.

We will be making short video portraits of our cyclists and will hold an event night during the festival which will feature these videos, and also storytelling from other cyclists about their cycling experiences.

if you are interested in being involved in this project please contact us at:

Or fill in the form below