About the project

We started thinking about this project a few months ago as we have all been feeling that the roads are becoming hairier places to be if you’re on a bike. What we wanted to do was start showing the human on the bicycle, rather than divide the world into cyclists and non-cyclists as often happens in the media (social and otherwise).

What we are looking to do is put together a collection of videos where Dublin cyclists talk about a part of Dublin that’s important to them, and why. The focus will be on the person and not the bike, not the fact of them being a cyclists. We all wake up in the morning as people first, even if some of them end up driving heavy machinery and raging on the internet.

The project has gotten a bit of a kick start as we are teaming up with the Dublin City Council hosted VeloCity conference (an international cycling conference which will happen here between the 25th and 28th of June).

We’ll be hosting an event during this conference where we will be showing some of the videos and also having a cycling storytelling night.
As the subtheme of the VeloCity conference this year is questioning what Dublin will be like as a  cycling city of 2030 we are looking to profile people from demographics which are not typical of Dublin cyclists.

Consequently we will be focusing on these people, at least initially. 
We have gotten an amazing response to our casting call request already, and we are looking to start prioritising people.

If you are interested in getting invoved email: interested@cyclistsofdublin.com

and when you do can you answer two things:
1. What’s your phone number?
2. Can you send us on a few details about your favourite place in Dublin, (or most important place in Dublin) and why it matter/how it impacted your life?

While we are looking for interesting stories primarily, we will also be considering peoples age/gender/ethnicity/social class/disability status/membership of a disadvantaged or minority group, so if there are parts of your personal story which do separate you out from the crowd (which is the whole purpose of this project; to look a cyclists as individual people and not just a mass of weirdos who take their lives in their hands just to go down to the shops) please let us know.

If you want to back out we’ll delete all your details from here.

We will also keep in touch with you about what is happening as we get on with the project, but if you’d prefer us to stop just let us know.

Thanks, looking forward to talking to you soon,Shane